In brief

CH Projects Management Ltd. is a consulting company active in Tokyo since 1988. It started its activities in supporting Swiss companies and has extended its clientele mainly to small and medium size companies from Europe, China, India and the USA in connection with their operations in Japan.

CHPM provides a large range of services including setting up representative offices, branches and subsidiaries in Japan. CHPM handles all non-core activities on an outsourced basis. The services include bookkeeping, accounting, tax matters, employment management, product registration and other operational assistance services.

CHPM aims at developing long-term and close relationships with its clients by offering flexible, tailor-made solutions in English, Japanese, French and German. With a strong Japanese and international staff, CHPM has developed a good knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and values, which facilitates communication with local business partners.

Our team

CHPM staff is mainly composed of Japanese and Swiss nationals, who have a strong experience in providing CHPM services to their clients’ satisfaction.

CHPM also benefits from the expertise and long-time experience of Mr. Charles Ochsner, attorney-at-law, registered at the Bar of Geneva and at the Tokyo II Bar Association as foreign attorney-at-law, resident Partner of Kellerhals Carrard in Tokyo.

We link our clients with our network of external experts for specific needs and requirements in order to guarantee the best services and propose tailor-made solutions.

Vision and values

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of various cultures and business practices allows efficient support and advice. Dedicated to its clients, the staff of CHPM provide pragmatic solutions to develop profitable activities in Japan based on:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency

to ensure success and recognition in the long run.